Can you get decent abs from only planking? If so, what should your routine look like and how long before you should expect results?

The only way to get decent abs from doing multiple sets of “plate push-aways” on a regular basis.

Haven’t heard of that one?

It’s one of those exercises that are really simple for me to explain, but very few people can actually successfully “implement” it.

  1. Near the end of your session, visualize the plate. It’s right in front of you, so should be pretty easy. Look at it, and focus.
  2. Take the plate, still partially loaded, and place one hand on it. You can use the other hand to brace against your belly if needed-useful for support as well as reminding yourself why you are doing this exercise.
  3. Using your triceps, anterior deltoid and pectoralis major, gently press the plate away with you, sliding it across the horizontal surface. Be careful not to overdo it; there’s no need to be dramatic, and this isn’t an explosive exercise. You may need to use the lower trapezius and rhomboids to stabilize your scapula as your arm is out in front of you.
  4. Say the words “I’m satisfied”.