How long should it take to safely lose 30 pounds? What are some tips for doing so?

I had one client lose over 30lbs, in just 9 weeks.

Here’s what she did.

  • She deleted the delivery app from her phone-this was causing a lot of the eating issues. Cold turkey. Gone. Done. Rip the band-aid off.
  • She went on a low-carb diet-we talked about which foods she responded well to, and eventually we together decided that low carb was the choice for her.
  • She used a meal replacement product for breakfast and dinner that had protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals to make sure she didn’t lose lean body mass (actually…she gained some, as she started weight training in the last month).
  • This also had enzymes and co-enzymes for fat burning, so she wasn’t hungry after the first 2–3 days.
  • Lunch was normal, but low carb. One day in mid-October, she plateaued and said she was hungry all the time. I asked her what her diet was like the day before-and she had drank a coke. She’s very sensitive to sugar and doesn’t handle it well. That caused the plateau. Just one coke.
  • She walked more-her training was VERY informal, especially at the start.
  • We did no running, HIIT or anything with impact, though she did make a concious effort to be more active.
  • She was very consistent with the diet. How do I know?

Because I charted it every day. For those of you saying “that’s only 16lbs, you’re full of sh*t!”

That’s in kilos. So…35.2 pounds.

Did she rebound, like 95% of dieters?

Surely she at least went up 5lbs? 10lbs?

Um, no. Actually, she’s down another 15lbs and feels great.

What was the key to her success?

Consistently being in a caloric deficit, but more than that.

She had to have someone hold her accountable.

Just talking to her during the process for even just a few minutes was all she needed.

Just her knowing that I was charting her progress was enough.

Just that little extra bit of motivation was all it took.


Get a coach-or at least someone to do the same for you.