Does weight training reduce tummy fat too?

Nothing is automatic.

Nothing is guaranteed.

Nothing is inevitable.

At least when it comes to fitness. Death and taxes are sort of certain.

Lifting weights can be useful for gaining or maintaining muscle mass, as well as losing fat, but in no way makes any of that a certainty.

For muscle growth, let’s say I go in and do one, light set, not close to failure each day.

I’m lifting weights, but I’ll lose muscle doing that. You need to lift hard enough and with enough volume to actually…stimulate something.

In terms of energy spent, I might burn 200-300 calories per hour in the gym for upper body, 400 calories for lower body and maybe 500 calories for a full body workout.

That’s half of a big mac.

That’s roughly 3 tablespoons of peanut butter.

That’s just two and a half tablespoons of oil.

Any oil, even olive oil, can and will make you fat.

If your diet is not on point, no amount of time in the gym will save you.

Diet is key for fat loss!

Additionally, there’s a hormonal factor. This can influence WHERE your fat gets deposited.

It is possible to GAIN belly fat, even when in a caloric deficit!

If you are sleeping poorly, stressed out, eating a low protien diet, lots of sugar, and thus your hormones are unbalanced, especially elevated cortisol…

…you could be going to the gym, in a small caloric deficit and yet be GAINING belly fat. Your body will break down peripheral/subcutaneous fat from your arms and legs and send it right to your belly, thus causing it to grow while in a deficit!

Focus on these, in order:

Get your sleep perfect, which will support your training and diet.

Get your diet perfect, which will support your training.

Then get your training perfect.