What are you tired of explaining when it comes to diets?

Very, very little, as I have the patience of a teacher and the knowledge of a researcher-I’m extremely passionate about fitness and nutrition and generally don’t mind explaining to the thousandth person about how something works-I like helping people.

There is one thing that I am definitely tired of, though.


No, seriously. Not joking. I’ve had to explain the concept of calories *so* many times that it’s just a bit tiring. Most topics I’m happy to explain many times, as they are often legitimately confusing, but…calories?

How does someone get to be 20/30/40/50/60 years old and not understand the concept?

Food has energy.

Movement uses energy.

This balance is in large part what determines your weight gain or loss over time.

It’s mind-boggling to me that people can’t grasp this and I encounter it all the time.

I don’t know a lot about some fields, like art or music or celebrities (thankfully).

But we all have bodies. We all eat food. It’s almost 2020 and most people have access to the internet…how does this information slip through some people’s filters?

That, and maybe clean eating, which is sort of related. I post a picture of a pizza and people DM me asking how I am eating it if it’s not “clean food”.

I’m eating it with my mouth. And enjoying the hell out of it.

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