SWEAT: Special Workouts, Exercises and Advanced Techniques: Everything you'll need to know on your fitness journey

Simply put, this tome contains a vast amount of information that will help you to optimize your training. Whether you are looking to put on muscle, lose fat or gain strength, you’ll find an absurd amount of value packed into these 210 pages.

More than 120 exercises, all fully described, with pictures, along with helpful tips, tricks and visualizations to help you get the most out of each exercise. Don't waste your effort, gym membership or most importantly your time. Optimize your growth.
How to assess your current level-are you beginner, intermediate or advanced? Does it matter?
How to effectively program your own training plan for optimal results. Anyone can get average results. Optimize, baby!
How to balance volume, intensity, and frequency to keep making progress. Avoid overtraining. Avoid undertraining. Achieve perfect training.
Ideal sets and reps for each exercise, and how to progress over time.
Choosing a workout split that’s perfect for your body, mind, and schedule-and when to change it.

In-depth risk versus reward analysis for all exercises. Choose the best exercises for your goals.
How to keep a training log, and what to write down each workout, and what doesn't matter.
What equipment is needed-what’s vital, what’s useful, and what’s useless?
No less than 14 Advanced techniques to keep the gains coming for more mature lifters, ranging from dropsets and supersets to clusters and EMOM sets, all fully described and illustrated with examples.

The varies form of cardio. How to choose the right intensity level for your goals as well as program it into a workout schedule. Wonder no more-this section will make everything crystal clear.
How to deal with injuries, as well as how to avoid them in the first place! You probably know someone who got injured in the gym…it might even be YOU! A vital section for long term progress, packed with tips and tricks to stay healthy, divided up both by body part and specific lifts that commonly cause issues. Surgery is expensive…avoid it!

6 full training plans: Lazy Man’s Plan , Busy Man’s Plan , Athlete’s Power Plan, Beast Plan, Deva Plan and Spartan Plan, each with multiple difficulties and adjustable to YOU. All are fully described and detailed.
How to keep making progress by adjusting your training-whether it is a minor tweak or a near-total overhaul, having the flexibility to alter your program and still move forward is vital. Life isn't perfect. But your training can still be.
Strength standards-how do you stack up against others? Are you strong, weak, or somewhere in the middle? Full goals to target for not just the basic compound movements but dozens of exercises.
All of this written in a quick, lively, humorous tone that makes the pages somehow fly by.

Within these 67,000 words is the ability to learn everything you need to know about how to effectively and efficiently change your body. It’s everything that I’ve learned over my 5 year journey. And's yours.

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